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Lt. Quention Curtis



´╗┐As a young man growing up in Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood,  Lieutenant/EMT Quention Curtis was fascinated by fire trucks and the firefighters that protected the neighborhood. He was welcomed into the fire station by those same men, and encouraged to follow their path – and so began a lifelong passion for the fire service              

After graduating from Near North Career Magnet High School, Lieutenant Curtis entered the fire service at a young age. He began working full-time as a firefighter for the  Chicago Fire Department in 1988. He was then promoted Fire Lieutenant and worked in some of the busiest areas in the city; including being a scuba diver and a member of Squad 1 for 22 years. Lieutenant Curtis was also a member of the response teams for the  E2 tragedy, World Trade Center September 11th, and hurricane Katrina. He has over forty state and federal Certifications.  

As Lt. Curtis is approaching retirement next year with over 30 years service, he reflected back on his exciting career and wanted to give back and open the doors to fire safety and EMS in the Black communities.  

June  2018 Lieutenant Curtis opened The Black Fire Brigade, the country's first such organization,  to promote and protect the fire rescue service and EMS personnel, provide continuing education and networking opportunities to members, and preserve the history and heritage of African-American fire and EMS service people. It also represents members' interest on public issues, discussions, and decisions affecting fire rescue and EMS rescue services, and promote fundraising for those services.

August of 2018 Lieutenant Curtis raised thousands of dollars to send forty-five young adults to Emergency Medical Technical School. 

December 2018 They graduated with an exciting career in Fire safety. Changing the narrative in the Black community one student at a time.